How Much Does A Website Cost in Australia?
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How Much Does A Website Cost in Australia?

June 1, 2021, 6 Mins Read.

How much should your website cost?

这是网页设计行业中最常被问到的问题之一, but the answer isn’t as simple as it seems.


  1. 网站在设计和功能方面变化很大. The type of site you’re after makes a big difference.
  2. The rate varies from agency to agency. 总部设在澳大利亚的公司收取的费用与海外供应商非常不同. But even in Australia, pricing can vary greatly.

决定网站成本的主要因素是你的需求. 如果你对网页设计行业不是很熟悉,它的定价可能会让你感到困惑.

If you focus just on low prices, 便宜的网站建设者或自由职业者似乎是设计网站的好选择,因为他们收费更低. But cheap website designs have many drawbacks. That’s why most business owners choose a web design agency to design their website.


Step 1: Determining the type of website you need


(a) Simple, small business website:

如果你的企业只有少数服务或产品,你不打算在网上销售, a simple website will do. The site will work as your online business card, 在哪里访问者会来看看你的服务,了解你的业务. This type of site is ideal for small local businesses.

(b) Conversion-focused business site:

如果你计划使用网站来吸引一个稳定的新业务流, 你需要一个更完善的网站,以转换访问者,并以一种迷人的方式显示你以前的工作. These sites are good for service-focused small businesses.

(c) Basic ecommerce site:

如果你想在网上销售你的产品或服务,并在你的网站上收取费用, you require an ecommerce site. An ecommerce site has various features that put it in a specific category of websites. These include a product database, shopping cart functionality, payment gateway and configuration of a shipping matrix.

(d) Custom feature-rich site:

If you run a large business, 你可能想通过自定义设计和网站特有的功能从人群中脱颖而出. Your site may need to incorporate specially-made plugins, enterprise-level database integration, or an innovative web app, depending on your business.

Of course, this is not a rigid classification. 但是读完这篇文章,你可以对你的企业需要什么样的网站有所了解.

Step 2: Getting a domain name

如果你还没有域名的话,首先你需要一个域名. A domain name is the address of your site on the web. The price of a domain varies a lot. Usually, it will cost you between $10 to $50. Plus, you have to renew your domain subscription every year.

You should have an SSL (安全套接字层)证书安装后,您的域名和设置您的网站. 如果你是一个电子商务网站,或者你的网站涉及很多敏感信息,比如信用卡信息, usernames, and passwords, then SSL is a must.

在购买SSL证书时,您可以从3种不同的类型中进行选择. 它们是:用于快速发布的域SSL、用于企业的组织SSL和扩展SSL. For the domain and organisation SSL, 您的网站访问者将看到挂锁和http协议旁边的URL.

But if you want a green address bar with your company name, then you need to subscribe to the Extended Validation SSL. 另外,在您的订阅过期后,您需要更新SSL证书. 如果所有这些听起来都很复杂,请向你的网站设计机构寻求帮助.

Step 3: Choosing a web host


理想的价格和套餐取决于你想要的网站类型, how many daily visitors you have, your storage requirements, and various other factors. Some key factors to consider are security, performance, support (including the availability of phone support), and maintenance service.

你的设计机构通常会帮助你选择合适的 hosting service for your website.

Step 4: Choosing a template or custom development

If you don’t have much experience in web development, you might want to leave this step to your agency.

一个基于几个页面的简单模板的网站不会花费太多. 事实上,许多流行的cms都是免费安装的,尽管通常需要安装成本.

The more you want to customise your site, the more your designer, developer or agency will charge you. The cost can range anywhere between $500 and $10,000 +. 交互式web应用程序或数据库集成等高级功能可能需要更大的预算.

In the web design industry, there are many different options and technologies available, 其中很多都在做同样的事情,解决同样的问题. 这一切都取决于你的具体要求,即哪一种是最合适的. 你的网站开发机构应该找到平衡你的需求和预算的最佳解决方案.

Step 5: Copywriting and SEO service

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer just an option; it has become mandatory for any business website that wants to remain competitive. 它是一种帮助提高你在搜索引擎中的可见度,以更有效地到达你的目标客户的服务.

Here the cost depends on what type of business you have, the provider you’re working with, and the package you’re on.

您可能需要专业的作者为您创建初始页面内容, which should be SEO-optimised. The cost of copywriting depends on many different factors. Your SEO package may include some copywriting, as the content is very important for your rank in Google.

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, having a strong online presence is going to benefit you. 因此,一旦你的网站开始运行,SEO当然是值得考虑的. SEO services are ongoing in nature and can cost you from $300 to $10,000 monthly, 通常与其他营销和网站设计服务打包.

Step 6: Design and Multimedia integration

项目的一个非常重要的部分是开发吸引人的美学和积极的用户体验. Thus, there are two aspects of the design. One is the visual language of the site. Another is its usability.

Like in the development phase, 有很多方法可以在你的网站上创建视觉内容和呈现信息, whether static images, video or interactive elements. The cost varies entirely on how you want your site to look. 在这里,你的代理机构将帮助你想出与你的商业目标一致的有效想法. The cost ranges from $300 to $10,000+.

Step 7: Ongoing maintenance

即使你的代理公司完成了你的网站开发,并把钥匙交给了你, the process isn’t over. 任何现代站点都需要维护,以保持其相关性和技术上的更新.

除非你的网站真的很简单,或者你有一定的技术诀窍, 你可能需要为你的网站分配每月的维护预算. 定期维护的费用从每月50美元到200美元不等, depending on what changes are required.

Final web design cost

现在你知道你应该考虑什么来帮助你确定你的网页设计项目的预算. 最后,这是一个基于网站类型的总成本的粗略估计:

  • A simple site for small business: Around $3,000
  • Conversion-focused business site: $3,000 to $6,000
  • Ecommerce site: $6000 to $15,000
  • Custom feature-rich site: Above $15,000


你想要得到你的网站的一个具体的个人估计吗? Contact us today for a free quote.

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